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With the « volunteers for tourism », the Region goes into action for an improved reception of its tourists

Recognizable by their purple jackets, they were deployed between December 17th and 31st to the major tourist sites of Ile¬-de-¬France. Their mission: to make the tourists want to come and visit, and to come back again.

Valérie Pécresse, President of the Ile-de-France Region, launched the new “Volunteers for Tourism” plan last December 13th, in the context of their dedicated training day. In order to improve the quality of our reception, at a time when the Ile-de-France tourism sector suffers a crisis, the president of the regional executive decided to deploy volunteers, recognizable on the field by their purple jackets, to the major tourist sites of the Region: Montmartre, the Boulevard Haussmann department stores, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre museum, the Parisian airports, Disneyland Paris… As well as in Vincennes, Versailles, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Saint-Denis, Auvers-sur-Oise, Fontainebleau, or Provins… from December 17th to 31st.

The launching of this ‘Volunteers for Tourism’ device is the first stage of the sectoral recovery plan I wished to implement for our destination, emphasized Valérie Pécresse. The quality of our reception strategies, of the information and services we provide to visitors coming to Paris and Ile-de-France, plays a major role in the tourist attractiveness of the territory. We must do everything in our power to attract new tourists and retain those who wish to come back.

Almost 100 volunteers were trained by teams from the Regional Committee for Tourism (CRT) Paris Ile-de-France, and were assigned with the mission to inform and guide the French and foreign tourists visiting the region during the end-of-year season. The training focused on the behaviors that should be adopted to provide a top-quality welcoming of the tourists, through the role-playing of concrete cases (appropriate ways to welcome a French family, a young English couple…), during which trainers and trainees also tackled notions like proactivity, security, multiculturalism, and the personalization of the given answers. Frédéric Valletoux, president of the CRT Paris Ile-de-France explains: The CRT and its partnership network are totally committed to the implementation of the stimulus policy the Region develops for tourism. An expert in both reception and training, the CRT assists the tourism professionals so that they gain the best possible understanding of the way the tourists’ expectations evolve.

Anxious to participate in this ambitious service-oriented approach, many partners will get involved in this device and accompany it throughout its implementation: the Louvre, Viparis, Paris Aéroport, the Union du grand commerce de centre¬ ville (Galeries Lafayette and Printemps department stores), the Châteaux of Versailles and Fontainebleau, Le Bus Direct, SNCF Transilien, Vedettes de Paris, Disneyland Paris and several tourist offices (Montmartre, Vincennes, Clichy, Issy-les-Moulineaux, Boulogne-Billancourt, Versailles, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Plaine Commune¬ Grand Paris, Fontainebleau, Provins, Roissy-¬en-France, Enghien-¬les¬-Bains, Auvers¬-sur¬-Oise, Pays des Impressionnistes, Marne et Gondoire…). Tricots Saint James is yet another partner, which participates in the volunteers’ equipment. Agnès Vigneron, director of the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann, declared: At a time when supporting our tourist industry is more than ever essential, we are very pleased to support this promising action by making our flagship Boulevard Haussmann store available to the volunteers. Jean--Luc Martinez, chief executive of the Louvre museum, also attested: The Louvre goes into action by providing an optimal reception, so that the tourists enjoy a moment of wonder when visiting Paris and the Louvre museum. For the Château de Versailles, its president Catherine Pégard said: The many-years-old attractiveness of the Versailles palace to visitors coming from all over the world requires a quality of reception and service that meets the high standards of a site epitomizing the French art de vivre. The ‘Volunteers for Tourism’ will help the visitors in finding their bearings as soon as they arrive in Versailles, and provide them with the information they need. They will therefore strengthen the existing reception framework of the Château de Versailles.

This first experiment shall be repeated on a wider scale, during tourist season, as of Spring 2017. In the 9 first months of 2016, against a background of terror attacks, social movements, and bad weather conditions, and despite the holding of the Euro 2016, the number of overnight stays in hotels dropped by 10.6% – ¬14.4% for international tourists, and 5.3% for the French tourists – which represents the largest decrease since 2010.

“Choose Paris Region”: a single window to attract foreign investors

Simplifying the establishment of international companies in Ile-de-France: such is the tenet of the “single window” that was launched November 3rd by the Ile-de-France Region, the City of Paris, the Métropole du Grand Paris, the Paris-Ile-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Business France.

The battle the Region needs to focus all its energy on is the battle for attractiveness, because let’s never forget that what is at issue beyond this is the crucial battle. It is with these words that Valérie Pécresse, the president of the Regional Council, welcomed the launch of “Choose Paris Region” on November 3rd.

This single window was designed for foreign investors thanks to the pooling of resources from the Region (via its associated body “Paris Region Entreprises”), the City of Paris, the Métropole du Grand Paris (Greater Paris), the Paris Ile-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Business France.

A single window, who for ?

“Choose Paris Region” is aimed at all the foreign companies that consider settling in Ile-de-France and provides them with a global support.

Some ten permanent staff members will be working at the premises of Paris Region Entreprise, in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, to answer the investors’ inquiries.

A single window, what for ?

  • Inform about the assets of France (economy, talents, school supply) ;
  • Help understand the regulatory, fiscal, and social framework ;
  • Ease the settlement procedures.
The single window tackles all the questions the companies might have, including those regarding their employees’ reception (residence permit, employment of spouses, and educational questions, notably by directing them toward the international classes in Ile-de-France).

What role does the Region play in this single window ?

  • On June 8th, at the “Welcome to Europe” conference, the Region brought together the people of goodwill from the City of Paris, Euronext, and Paris Europlace to step up the international readability of the capital region ;
  • The Region targets an unprecedented increase of the number of international high schools on its territory. Its goal? Make Ile-de-France a bilingual region ;
  • Implementing a regional plan to revive tourism ;
  • Prospecting abroad and meeting foreign investors (Korea, Japan, USA…) ;
  • The Region granted a plus 137 million budget for innovation in 2016.

A new international lycée in eastern Paris

Located between the towns of Noisy-le-Grand (93) and Bry-sur-Marne (94), The Lycée international de l’Est parisien opened its doors upon return from the last summer holidays. It is to welcome 1,200 students in five international sections by 2019.

Noisy-le-Grand and Bry-sur-Marne waited for 14 years and it finally happened: the Lycée International de l’Est parisien was inaugurated by Valérie Pécresse, the President of the Ile-de-France Region, on September 1st. For a start, 175 Year 11 students, including 50 boarders, will be trained from this year on in the five international sections the school offers: Arabic, Chinese, Brazilian, and two British/American classes. The school shall reach its cruising speed progressively, to welcome a total of 1,200 students including 150 boarders by 2019.

The development of international high schools is a natural part of our international attractiveness strategy for the whole territory. This school symbolizes the direction I want to give to my action. It is the first secondary school of excellence to open in eastern Paris. And we won’t stop there! said the Regional Council President, who wishes to boost similar projects, with the goal of one high quality international lycée per Department.

Nestled in a 3-hectare park also housing a landscaped fitness trail, a multi-sports ground, and several terraces surrounding the boarding school premises, with huge bay windows overlooking Paris, the six-storey school has classrooms, offices, a library, an auditorium and a cafeteria. The site was also very carefully secured with a network of 16 surveillance cameras around the school. The Lycée International de l’Est parisien is part of the new generation of 100%-digital schools and uses all the current digital learning mediums and paths like digital boards or video. The Region invested more than 56 million euro to build this innovating school.

Paris 2024: the Region to invest €209m for the benefit of Ile-de-France residents

Support the Paris 2024 bid for the benefit of all Ile-de-France residents. This is the goal of the Region, which commits to investing 209 million euros in public facilities.

Download the map (PDF file, 1.6 Mo)
Among the facilities planned as part of the Paris 2024 bid are the Hill of Élancourt (Yvelines, €5m), the aquatic center of Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis, €10m), and the renovation of the Olympic Stadium (€10m)... Also, a new interchange will be built on highway A86 at the Pleyel crossroads, with a sound barrier protecting the future Olympic village, as well as pedestrian footbridges to ease the connections between L’Ile-Saint-Denis, the Cité du cinéma and the Stade de France at the A1 highway junction. Let’s also point that a 10 million euros envelope shall be dedicated to accessibility with a view to the Paralympics...

This represents more than the original 145 million target, because the Region needs to cover its deficit in sports infrastructures, said Valérie Pécresse, the President of the Regional Council, then adding: We really want to democratize sports, which is one of the priorities of our policy, and to reduce territorial inequalities.

The Ile-de-France Region awarded Best Public Issuer of Green and Responsible Bonds, and Best Bond Issue of the Year in the Public Sector

GlobalCapital, an information website specialized in international financial markets, just awarded his trophies for Best public issuer of green and responsible bonds and Best bond issue of the year in the public sector to the Ile-de-France Region on September 6th in Amsterdam, during the Euromoney/GlobalCapital Sustainable & Responsible Capital Markets Forum, a conference dedicated to responsible finance.

Indeed, last june, the Ile-de-France Region raised an aggregate 650 M€ for a period of nine years, at a 0.59% rate. The transaction met great success, and a strong appetite among investors, reflecting both the signature quality of the Region and the credibility of its green and socially responsible investments strategy.

The Ile-de-France Region is proud of this acknowledgement, which rewards the hard work and daily efforts implemented to fight global warming.

The laureates were voted on by a panel of investors, issuers, banks and other players of the debt capital markets in July 2016, at an international scale. The Region was awarded alongside recognised and innovating players like the World Bank, the EIB, and Apple.

Events in Paris Region

It is the new inescapable meeting about digital design and innovation. The live demonstration that Paris Region is the new European techno hub.

paris region smart weeks - May to July 2017

From May to July 2017, in Paris and its surroundings, the very best innovators in France will be joining around events, meetings, and discussions.

With the Smart Weeks, Paris Region intends to gather local communities, civil society and private actors around big international events dedicated to digital technology.

One goal: to strengthen Paris region as one of the major techno-hubs in the world and the leading Smart Region in Europe.

More info on www.smartweeks.info.

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games will see a new vision of Olympism in action, delivered in a unique spirit of international celebration in the birthplace of the modern Olympic Movement.

An inspirational stage

We will offer one of the world’s greatest cities as a memorable stage for the world’s greatest athletes, connecting the beauty, symbolism and global influence of the City of Light to the power of the Games.

Our plan is based on two core venue zones, reflecting two areas of the Paris 2024 vision:

  • The Paris Centre Zone, placing all the historical beauty and attractions of Paris at the service of the Games and the Olympic and Paralympic brands
  • The Paris-Saint Denis Zone, strategically aligned with the ‘Grand Paris’ concept, designed to help place the Games at the service of some of our youngest and most diverse communities

Athletes will enjoy optimal conditions, with 80% accommodated within 30 minutes of their competition venue. 95% of our venues will be existing or temporary facilities; 100% will have a legacy from Paris 2024. Our responsible and sustainable Games concept aims to minimise investment costs while optimising benefits for our communities.

Sport in the public domain

Our vision to place sport at the heart of society includes a focus on bringing sport into public spaces within the city. During the Games, Paris’ greatest sites will be transformed into stunning stages for sport, from Equestrian at the Chateau de Versailles to Beach Volleyball at the foot of the Eiffel Tower and Archery at the Esplanade des Invalides. A further example is the River Seine – a timeless actor in the life of Paris, which unites the heart of the city with the emerging Grand Paris. Athletes will live and compete in venues all along the river, which itself will become part of the city’s sporting life when it hosts Triathlon and Marathon Swimming.

The Seine will also be a focus of the popular celebration around the Games. A fan ‘river trail’ comprising live sites, sports demonstration zones and other athlete-led activation will help bring the spirit of Olympism right into the heart of our communities.

The Strength of a Dream

France is candidate to be the 2025 World Expo host country. Paris Region is at the heart of this candidacy.

France’s candidacy is driven by the will to stay true to the initial spirit of the great universal expos, to scrupulously respect the International Bureau of Expos’ (IBE) terms and specifications and to renew the concept to bring to it the modernity that comes from the evolution of uses and technologies. With one goal in mind: to offer the visitor an immersive, interactive and unrivaled experience.

The 2025 World Expo is organized around one central space “The Global Village”, of great “Theme-specific Forums” spread out over many sites and a catalogue of “Detours” throughout France.

By extensively revisiting the mobility we allow for the travelling times to be optimized offering the visitors the opportunity to continue their immersion thanks to new technologies. Time is no longer endured but rather lived as a moment of exchange and sharing.

The concept of “medals” which were given to deserving innovative products in the nineteenth century is today reintroduced as a system of quality seals that will bless the products and innovations that have tackled the ethical and sustainable stakes of this new century.

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